Preschool Adventures: Turoe Pet Farm 25.5.18

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SALI’s Preschool Adventure

On Friday 25th May 2018, we went on an adventure.  Our parents dropped us off at the big bus, where our teachers were waiting.  We sat down on big seats and our teachers helped us to put on our safety belts.  When everybody got on, we waved goodbye and the bus took off.  We were chatting to our friends and looking out of the window.  Leaving the city, we saw lots of cars, motorbikes and lorries.  We were on the bus for ages and when we got near the farm we could see lots of fields with cows in them.  The bus had to stop on the road to let a tractor passed.  We waved at the cows and tractors.  The bus finally stopped and it was time to get off.  The sun was shining and everybody was so happy.  It was so exciting!

We all got off and said thank you to our bus driver.  A man called Brian met us off the bus and he showed us where to go.  We went into the café and put all our bags and coats on the big tables.  We all took our shoes off and Brian told us the Farm Rules.  Brian and our teachers brought us to a bouncy castle.  It was the biggest bouncy castle we ever saw.  We all jumped on to the castle, some of us ran straight to the big slide, some jumped very high, some boys and girls lay down and others climbed onto the horses.  The big slide was so high up but nobody was afraid.  It was so much fun.  Some of our teachers got on as well and it was so funny to see them going down the big slide.  They were a bit scared and we had to hold their hand to help them to go down!

When we were finished bouncing, we were all very thirsty and hungry so we went back to the café and ate our lovely snacks.  We sat with our friends and we just couldn’t wait for what was next.  Our teachers helped us to put back on our shoes and tidy up from snack.  When we were all ready, a girl called Katie came to get us.  Katie had a big bucket of food for the animals and she showed us how to hold out our hand flat so the animals could eat off it.  First, we saw the birds and hens, then we saw the bunny rabbits.  Katie let us into their cage and we stroked them very gently.  We used our quiet voice so we would not scare them.

When we were finished we played for a short time on the swings and slide.  There was a big shed that we could go in and inside it was a big, massive sand pit! We could use shovels to dig big holes and we filled buckets.  Katie called us and it was time to go for the walk around to meet the other animals.  On the walk around, we met Curly; a huge hairy pig and we fed sheep, goats and donkeys.  We met the alpaca’s who were really funny.  We made wishes at the special wishing well and looked for fairies.  We found a secret crocodile who lives under a bridge, we think he was asleep.  There was also a highland cow and small horses.  It was such an adventure, we couldn’t wait for what we were going to see next.

When we finished, we went to the big playground.  We climbed into the tree houses and went down slides.  Some people went on the see saws.  Some people pushed their friends on the swings.  We were so busy!!  Our final activity was to go to jungle town where we got to climb up and go down different slides and played in the ball pool.  Then it was time to go home.  We said goodbye and we went out to our bus.  We were so tired, we nearly all fell asleep!

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